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WHY WE WORSHIP explores the questions (and answers) of "why do we do the things we do" when it comes to Christian worship.

We'll learn in a fresh way to understand why and how we worship.

A Discipleship Course for Musicians and Singers

This is a discipleship course designed specifically for worship ministry volunteers.

If you are a musician, singer, choir member, audio-video technician, pastor or worship leader serving in a church worship ministry - then this is for you!

But really, anyone with an interest in the subject will benefit.

What You Think Matters

This material focuses on understanding and developing the mindset and mentality that honors God wholeheartedly and overflows in everything we do. It is not about musical techniques nor ministry related systems.

This study is more about the "heart and head" of worship than the "hands" of ministry.

Purpose and Approach

The purpose of this study is to facilitate a transformative encounter with the presence God by exploring a broad overview of the major concepts of biblical worship. We'll examine:

  • What does the Bible have to say about worship?
  • What’s important to God in worship?
  • What are His objectives and priorities?
  • How can a deeper understanding of God’s intentions for worship lead to a more wholehearted response?
  • More importantly, how can this change our lives, and help change the world?
An overview helps us gain perspective of the ultimate purposes and meaning of worship. We see how these themes relate and interact with one another.
We also become aware of gaps in our understanding and gain clearer thinking and insights. This understanding can shape our expressions of worship to be more powerfully in sync with “spirit and truth”.

How To Use The Class

This is a self-study, go at your own pace program. The video lessons are short, to the point and designed for on-line learning. Notes and outlines are also provided.

It would be especially fruitful for groups to go through at the same time, with individuals doing the lessons on their own time and then discussing the ideas together, perhaps at rehearsal or other gathering.

There is also a leaders edition for facilitating small group study.

How This Program Will Benefit You

If a worship ministry volunteer (musician, singer, etc.) goes through the Why We Worship discipleship course, takes these Biblical foundations to heart, and cooperates wholeheartedly with the Holy Spirit; then he or she will be a significantly more effective and impactful servant leader.

And he or she will also be a much happier person!

If every member of the worship team or choir takes it together (which is recommended) then everyone will be on the same page, expectations will be realigned, spiritual sensitivity will improve, the group mindset will be transformed, and it will be a happy day indeed!

The Problem of Equipping Worship Volunteers

There are a multitude of challenges confronting today's worship ministry volunteers.
  • Everybody has gaps in their understanding. That’s my story …
  • More than a few worship musicians do not know the Bible very well.
  • Biblical illiteracy is epidemic in the church. We live in a post-Christian culture that has been stripped of scriptural references that once were historical, common knowledge...
  • Musicians and singers are a unique lot. They often have highly developed creative and intuitive sensibilities. Playing on a worship team, or singing in the choir can and should be a fun and awesome experience most of the time. But the attention and affirmation can be addictive, and we can get our needs met in unhealthy ways.
  • On the other hand, there can be a lot of pressure to “produce”. And when relationships go sour, people can get burned out and bitter. There are too many former worship people out there who are now wrecks on the highway.
  • Life is busy. People are overwhelmed and distracted. There is too much competition for their time and attention.

Feel The Pain ... To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

If you’re part of a music team, then you are a leader - for better or for worse.

Worship musicians and singers lead with more than just their musical skills, but with the heart, mind and spirit behind the sound they produce. We lead from the overflow of what we put in our lives. Therefore is is essential for worship ministry volunteers to understand the mindset, attitudes and heart values prescribed by scripture.

Ignorance is not bliss. And lots of bad stuff can happen when we don’t know why we do what we do.

These can be manifest as:

1) "Poor attitude": Not humble. Not reverent. Competitive spirit. Entitlement. Ego-gratification. Subtle pride.
2) Idolatry (serving for the what you get out of ministry).
3) Lack of anointing and spiritual authority, so your leadership is not as effective as it could be.
4) Practicing bad or distorted theology. Projecting an inaccurate image of God and his ways. Praying bad prayers. Setting a bad example.
5) Subtle or serious misunderstandings about what worship is all about and the role of music in worship.

6) Burned out volunteers from serving with an unhealthy motivation.

What You Will Learn In This Course

WHY WE WORSHIP will encourage and inspire the participant by encountering the presence of God through an overview study of the Biblical foundations of worship.

  • Worship as a worldview.
  • The multi-dimensional nature of worship.
  • What discipleship means.
  • Why throughout history and to this very day, everybody worships all the time.
  • The meta-narrative of God's story and why it is relevant today.
  • Is there a right way and a wrong way to worship?
  • Worship as a lifestyle.
  • Three organizing scriptures every worshiper should know (and memorize!)
  • Seven big ideas the Bible teaches about worship.
  • Why worship is all about God.
  • Why worship is Christo-centric.
  • Why worship is Trinitarian.
  • The role of the Holy Spirit. [Hint: He is alive and well and bigger than our boxes.]
  • The actions and attitudes of Biblical worship.
  • Why and how God is "into calendar".
  • How in worship we remember the past and anticipate the future.
  • The pathway from prayer into His presence.
  • And much more (really!)

Why It Works

This program works not because of any magic formula, but because of the timeless Biblical truths studied, especially the principle of reaping and sowing. If we invest time and energy into doing God’s work God’s way, His word will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11)
You will activate the promises of God and experience His blessing in your ministry.
Anyone can (and should) deeply study what the Bible has to teach us about worship. This course puts together a framework and a system, with some resources and tools, to make the study of God's word not only informative - but fun, enjoyable, and interesting.

Specifically You Will Experience These Benefits:

  • More intimate understanding of God’s heart
  • More accurate knowledge of God’s ways
  • Your love for Father, Son and Holy Spirit will grow.
  • Hearts capacity for healthy relationship with the Lord will expand.
  • Will be filled with more of the Holy Spirit.
  • More sensitivity to the way the Spirit moves
  • Lead with more authenticity
  • Lead with more authority
  • Lead with more anointing
  • More unity amongst the team and leaders - all moving in the same direction
  • More harmony amongst the team - all celebrating their unique roles, identity, gifting and calling
  • Overflow with greater impact, engagement and ultimately, more kingdom effectiveness.

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

This program works. I've seen the transformation time after time, year after year, all over the world.
As we study the word of God, with the people of God, in the presence of God, led by the Spirit of God, something amazing will happen. He will do far more than we could hope or imagine. He will reveal Himself in increasing measure.
The word of God is powerful. If you come open hearted and opened minded to hear from Him through the vehicle of this course, then HIs truth will change you, transform you and set you free.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you will grow and mature and be blessed as you study Why We Worship. It will feed your soul, and you'll be a much better servant-leader through the process.

Join us!

Enroll now.

See What People Have Said About My Teaching

I just really loved it when Rob came and spoke at YWAM. I had no idea there was that much to worship and intercession! He showed us a lot of new things that we didn’t know, and it was really practical.

It was an amazing week. Rob’s workshop has changed us, and we have had so much growth from his teaching.


Hannah, student at YWAM DTS (Youth With A Mission, Discipleship Training School)

Rob’s worship seminar was great. He really helped our team to understand some of the theology of worship, but also to get beyond just the basics of performing and really get into worshiping in the Spirit and really hearing from God. It was a great thing for our team, we’re excited about what God’s gonna do, thanks to Rob’s teaching and his time spent with us. I recommend his ministry to anybody.


Greg, Worship Pastor, River of Life Church, Hudson Ohio

Since taking this course I’ve had a profound revelation of what it means to worship in the spirit and in truth, and not letting your feelings and emotions control you.


Dan, Bass Guitar, Scoala de Inchinare, Timisoara, Romania
Rob Still
Rob Still

Rob Still, is a worship leader, songwriter, and seminar instructor. He has a Masters degree in Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies where he is currently working on his Doctorate. Rob has taught Practical Theology of Worship and Songwriting on the mission field in over 20 nations, primarily in Eastern Europe. He has served as Worship Pastor at three churches in the Nashville area, and leads worship for conferences and special events. He is an award winning composer, producer and author of the books “Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World” and "Worship Actions and Attitudes: Understanding 10 Hebrew Words For Worship". 


Course Curriculum

September 15 Update #4
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01 Introduction
1.1 Welcome! Overview & Why This Is Important
1.2 My Story: How Worship Changed My Life
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02 Multi-Dimensional Worship
2.1 Multidimensional Worship
2.2 Multi-Dimensional Quiz
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03 What Is Discipleship?
3.1 What is Discipleship?
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04 The Idea of "Overflow"
4.1 Overflow New
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05 Worship As Worldview
5.1 Everybody Worships All The Time
5.3 Worship Words & Definitions of Worship
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07 Seven Big Ideas
7.5 Actions and Attitudes FREE PREVIEW
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Reviews (3)

by Tariq Emmanuel Gill
It is very well compact biblical teaching on worship. I am blessed. Thanks for this course.

Great course! You need this!

by Mrs. Elvis Betatester
Rob's teaching is so practical, things we should all know as worshipers but don't! Great content, engaging style, very useful for all types worship leaders, music directors and volunteers.

Loving It So Far!

by Elvis Tester
I'm a beta -tester, still getting used to the interface. But I like the course so far! Looking forward to more!

by Tariq Emmanuel Gill
It is very well compact biblical teaching on worship. I am blessed. Thanks for this course.

Great course! You need this!

by Mrs. Elvis Betatester
Rob's teaching is so practical, things we should all know as worshipers but don't! Great content, engaging style, very useful for all types worship leaders, music directors and volunteers.

Loving It So Far!

by Elvis Tester
I'm a beta -tester, still getting used to the interface. But I like the course so far! Looking forward to more!